Week 3 update

Here we have collated some of the results from the first four weeks of the Oxford ARC study. In other exciting news, last week we started our group’s Instagram account – follow us for regular updates on this project.

Young people have been telling us that they spend on average three hours of the day on social media. We looked into the reasons they had for spending time on social media, and one of the biggest reasons was that they didn’t have anything better to do. It’s important to realise that more teenagers than parents are always using social media to keep in touch with people.

Social media is great for keeping in contact with people. But, especially for young people, it’s not as beneficial as face-to-face contact with your peers. That may be why we’re continuing to see that young people are more lonely, anxious, and depressed than parents.

Follow our Instagram for more updates

The Oxford ARC study is still open for new participants. We need 100s more young people to take part so that we can make sure this study has the biggest impact. Please share widely and take part!

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